Terms Of Sale

Terms of Sale

We ship animals overnight to anywhere in the Continental U.S.(and some countries internationally at certain times throughout the year). Cost of shipping is will be at least $55 or more depending on quantity of geckos purchased and ultimate destination, or otherwise stated.. This includes the quality materials required to ship a live animal.

Shipping Method
Shipping is done carefully via Fed Ex Next Day Air. Shipments are generally delivered to your door by 10:30 AM the next morning, but this may vary depending on your location (i.e. Deliveries are sometimes later in rural areas). Notify us directly to arrange a suitable shipping day to assure you are present for its arrival.

Shipping Address
If paying by Pay Pal or credit card, you must specify the correct shipping address and contact phone number with your order. This policy MUST be followed with every purchase in order to comply with Pay Pal's buyer and seller protection policies.

Pay Pal or Credit Card
Credit card payments are made via Pay Pal by clicking the Pay Pal button on the availability page.You do not need a Pay Pal account to make credit card payments through Pay Pal.

Gecko tails and nose rubbing

It is very rare but geckos can drop their tails during shipping. They can also drop their tails when stressed and sometimes for no apparent reason at all. It is a natural occurrence and it has no effect on their health or breeding ability. We are not responsible and no compensation will be given if your gecko drops its tail during or after shipping. Nose rubbing is also a possibility as a result of stress behavior, when the gecko is in the plastic container used for transport during shipping.

Some geckos can become agitated while in the shipping process and will rub their nose on the plastic causing a raw spot on the nose upon arrival. This is out of our control and is always a possible risk when shipping a live gecko. We also cannot be held responsible for an injury a gecko inflicts upon itself during the stress of shipping. Please be aware no matter how optimum the shipping conditions are, there are always potential risks exposed to a live animal when shipped. Asking for a gecko to be shipped to you, you are acknowledging and assuming those risks.

Sexing Policy
When an animal is sold as a male or female, We offer a 100% guarantee to that effect. However, you must double check the sex of the animal within 72 hours of arrival. In the event an animal appears to be the wrong sex, we must be notified within 72 hours. Otherwise, We will consider our transaction complete. If an animal arrives incorrectly sexed, the animal will be replaced with one of the proper sex or store credit will be issued.

Payment Plans

Depending on the circumstances and availability, payment plans can sometimes be arranged for larger purchases of higher end ($400+) animals. Here's how it works...You tell me what you can afford to do (how much down and how soon you can pay it off) and if I agree, it's a deal. Your gecko will be fed and watered as usual, at no additional charge. The only catch is that you have to stick to the payment plan exactly as you agreed to do.

  • If you back out, miss a payment or cannot finish making the entire purchase as originally agreed upon, you will forfeit all payments you've made and you will not get any sort of a refund.
  • I will not send you payment reminders.
  • It will be your sole responsibility to make payments on time. All purchases final unless animal(s) are no longer available.

Temperature Guidelines - VERY IMPORTANT
Live arrival can only be guaranteed when temperatures are between 32° (overnight low) and 85°(daytime high).

All animals are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy! Animals delivered must be signed for at the initial delivery attempt. If there are multiple delivery attempts made by FedEx, the live animal guarantee is void. You must arrange your schedule to accept delivery on the first attempt. Packages must be inspected immediately when you take possession. You also must email me the code on the bottom of the gecko container within 30 minutes of arrival or the live animal guarantee is void.

In the event of a deceased animal, we must be notified within 4 hours from the time you take possession of the animal. Notification can be via phone, phone message, or e-mail. The Live Arrival Guarantee is void if the package is not delivered on the next day following the day it was shipped due to error or any delays on the carrier's part. However, we will make sure you receive replacement animals if they arrive DOA due to carrier delays.

If you decide to resell a gecko purchased from us at anytime, you accept FULL responsibility for the health of that animal.

If an animal arrives DOA, we may require proof in the form of the deceased animal being shipped back to us. In most cases we will be able to accept digital pictures as a substitute. This will be decided on a case by case basis. Once we determine that you have a valid claim, we will work with you to find a suitable replacement animal. No refunds on shipped animals. Once you take possession of the animal, we acknowledge that we cannot control its living environment, feeding procedures, level of distress, or longevity. If any health issues should arise after delivery, it is recommended that you not self-diagnose and take your gecko immediately to an appropriate veterinarian for treatment. We have found after 13 years of breeding and doing business that the husbandry conditions can vary greatly after leaving our facility.

We do not give refunds on shipped animals.



Food adjustments can also take time and be hard on a geckos transition to a new environment, especially immediately after shipping...

We feed our geckos a nutritious blend which provides all the essential nutrients and a balanced mineral mix.

As you feed an alternative diet you must allow the gecko time to adjust to the diet change and keep in mind it could greatly affect the appetite and health of the gecko.



Watermelon is a potassium-saving diuretic and may cause undue dehydration and a mineral imbalance which will cause a rapid health decline and possible death of your gecko.

This condition is known as Hyperkalemia, which is an excess of serum potassium causing life-threatening changes in heart rhythm and over-all nervous system.

You must monitor it's eating habits very carefully for the first couple of weeks after arriving. We do not assure your crested gecko will eat or grow well on a poor diet, or a sudden change in diet.


Communication: Our main goal is to make every transaction a pleasant experience, if any problems arise, please be assured that we will make it right! Our reputation is very important to us and we have built and maintained our good name by providing great animals and products as well as the very best in customer service. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with any items or animals, we ask that you keep the details of the problems private while your claim is being processed. You must first contact us and allow us the time (up to 4 weeks) to review your claim, and figure out a suitable arrangement to replace your products or animals. Posting details of the transaction, problem, or claim, on any public forum or web site during this 4 week time period is a direct violation of this policy and will result in the immediate and unconditional void of our guarantee. This allows us the time to thoroughly review any complaints and take action to make our customer's experience an exceptional one.

If it's not an emergency, I may not answer you until the next business day. I will get to you as soon as possible I promise. :)

If it is an emergency please call us directly at 817-657-8588. Please leave a detailed message if we do not answer and we will get back to you in a timely manner. Please understand that we are not always online and that this is a family business. We also have a family to care for and your understanding and courtesy is greatly appreciated.

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