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Kimberly Lucas

Kimberly Lucas, owner of Gorgeous Geckohas been breeding crested geckos for 11+ years now and is considered one of the top breeders of collectible crested geckos in the reptile pet industry. She has developed an international reputation for consistently producing quality, healthy crested geckos.


Kimberly has written two feature articles for REPTILES Magazine on the New

Kimberly's Geckos are featured on the cover

Caledonian Crested Gecko, been an expert speaker at the North American Reptile Breeders Conference, and spoke at the 2015 International Herpetological Symposium Conference held in San Antonio, TX.

Everyone Begins Somewhere

But it wasn’t always that way, like most breeder’s she started out as a hobbyist about 12 years ago… purchasing a simple tan crested gecko from the local pet store. She bought it as a pet for her two young boys after she learned the clerk, walked around the store all-day with that crested gecko on his shoulder.She was immediately intrigued, falling in love the crested’s disposition, ease of upkeep, and the over-the-top bonus point… it was just the coolest looking animal she had ever seen!

It wasn’t long after bringing it home; compelled by an inherent belief that most animals desire to have companions and ultimately don’t do as well alone… she bought a female crestie, to keep her new boy company. Again from the same pet store and not all that beautiful, compared to the designer morphs (those selectively bred for color and other admirable traits) in her collection… a plain Jane brown with a couple white spots. Nature of course, took it’s course and she soon had crested gecko eggs and didn’t know the first thing about hatching them.

It was after the eggs were laid that Kimberly really began researching crested geckos, at first just to be a good “mama gecko”, but then after she discovered all the beautiful possibilities of selective breeding, Kimberly was profoundly struck by how crested geckos could be seen as “living art.”

Today she commonly refers to crested geckos as “the koi of the reptile world.” Koi, a Japanese fish from the carp family which have been selectively bred to produce color mutations for over a thousand years, with the more rare color combinations selling for thousands of dollars.

Kimberly’s passion for crested geckos was ignited and mixed with her innate entrepreneurial spirit; she became a reptile breeder in record time. With a series of savvy purchases of high-end crested geckos, she had a enviable breeding collection in short order and has continued to add to it. Through a highly selective breeding strategy* and the foresight to create a recognizable brand early on that represents quality animals and superior attention to the customer, has had Gorgeous Geckoconsistently produce outstanding geckos and grow in sales every year for the past 11 years.

Today, her passion is as strong as ever and even though she has grown every year, Gorgeous Gecko is still a home based business. Every time the idea comes to grow bigger and possibly move to a larger facility, she talks herself out of it in order to maintain quality control and remain close to her animals. There is also a certain luxury which she values in working from home to be near her children, who incidentally have little more than a passing interest in crested geckos.

She does have an assistant and a web guy that help keep the chaos down to a manageable level, which allows Gorgeous Gecko to bring you the wider selection of a big breeder yet the personal one-on-one attention of someone that is still in touch with their customers, whether you be looking for a pet, are a breeder yourself, or run a retail pet store.

*(the specifics of which she remains artfully vague about)