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We are passionate about crested geckos and we hope that it shows.  Kimberly Lucas, owner of Gorgeous Gecko has been breeding crested geckos for 10+ years now and is considered one of the top breeders in the reptile pet industry with an international reputation for quality.  


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Over the years, we have seen many hobbyist crested gecko breeders come and go.

Our longivity and consistant production is evidence that we are here to stay and can be trusted to produce top-quality crested geckos delivered with exceptional customer service and attention.

In our breeding facility, we continually go the extra-mile to provide conscientious care and husbandry following a selective breeding strategy to produce the most stunning crested gecko "morphs" (genetic design patterns) possible.

We are relentless in providing clean healthy living conditions for our animals with a considered attention to details in diet, climate control, ambiance.... right down to installing a special system to provide the highest quality micro-clustered, ionized drinking water

crested gecko

We do not line breed, so you can be assured the the genetics of each of our geckos support a strong, hearty, and healthy addition to your breeding program.

Even though we have a fairly large production of crested geckos  campared to the average breeder, we are committed to a personal hands-on approach. Although more labor intensive, we maintain a connection with our geckos treating them as living animals, and not just a commodity. This is why all our crested geckos are handled and inspected weekly. 

This handling also insures that the crested gecko you receive is accustomed to human handling and interaction, making it as a rule, calmer and more gentle as a pet.

At Gorgeous Gecko, we are committed to offering you the best selection of New Caledonia Crested Geckos for sale in the reptile market-place...

or for that matter, anywhere else on the planet!


SPECIAL NOTE: if you are looking for a specific crested gecko morph and don't see it listed for sale on the website, initiate a search request via email and we will search our collection as soon as we're able.

It's possible it's here and we just haven't had a chance to photograph it yet.


"If this is your first inquiry about the New Caledonia crested gecko, we're sure you'll find this unique reptile to be not only a wonderful pet, but a beautiful expression of living art as well." owner of Gorgeous Gecko, Kimberly Kay Lucas



Crested Gecko / Gorgeous Gecko News & Trade Show Appearances



Come see us in person at our booth at the NARBC (National Association of Reptile Breeders Conference) show being held at the:





Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA  September 6 & 7, 2014

Arlington Convention Center, Arlington, TX  September 27 & 28, 2014

 Tinley Park Convention Center,  Tinely Park/Chicago, IL  October 11 & 12. 2014

(Pre-buy your crested gecko and pick-up at the show)


Gorgeous Geckos as the Breeder's Choice as featured in Reptiles Magazine

 Kimberly Lucas: "This handsome male is the new calico morph we have been working on at Gorgeous Gecko. He is a product of an extreme darkfire mated with a high-contrast harlequin. The calico will have three distinct color splotch markings. The more vivid and high contrast the color the better." 




Read the 2014 February issue of Reptiles Magazine...

Another amazing feature article on Crested Geckos by Kimberly Lucas




Did you see Kimberly's featured article about Crested Geckos in Reptiles Magazine's October 2011 issue?

Amazing Crested Gecko MorphsReptiles Magazine Cover October 2011 Captive care and breeding of the popular crested gecko. By Kimberly Pomplun Lucas














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